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Transactional Law – Real Estate & Contracts

Real Estate Transactions

Transactional law is a broad term covering numerous areas of legal practice. Indeed, most of our areas of practice fall into some kind of transactional category, whether it’s business contracts, real estate purchases, collecting debts, or planning your estate. All of these areas deal with the legal sufficiency of the underlying documents directing behaviors, rights and responsibilities of the parties involved in creating an agreement.

At Coward Hicks & Siler, PA, our lawyers believe our primary responsibility to our transactional clients is to ensure they accomplish their goals without risking costly and protracted litigation. Through the use of legally binding contracts, effective negotiation and creative resolutions, we are often able to accomplish this goal. However, in those cases where contracts are breached, agreements are broken, or historical documentation calls the validity of ownership into question, we are trial lawyers, skilled and experienced in protecting our clients' rights.

To find out more about the types of transactional law services provided at our firm, please review our sections on Business and Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Construction Law, Indian Law, Estate Planning, Debt Collection, and Civil Litigation. If you or your business are in need of a legally sound contract memorializing agreement, directing behavior, or solidifying a purchase, we can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with protection.

In those cases where someone violates the elements of an agreement with you or your business, we are skilled and efficient negotiators and litigators. We can help you obtain the compliance you expected and agreed upon and resolve your dispute. Call us to schedule your consultation and let’s start building a relationship today.

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