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Zoning, Planning and Land Use Attorneys

Planning, Compliance & LItigation

Zoning and land use laws are complex and often involve significant investment and impact on the parties when landowner rights conflict with regulations governing the land’s use. Failure to provide careful consideration and attention to controlling rules, regulations, and procedures can result in protracted, expensive litigation. With so many factors to consider (overlapping jurisdictions, political and legal implications, varying standards of review and endless “red tape”), consulting an attorney in the early planning stages can make all the difference in the success of the project or endeavor.

Our seasoned attorneys advocate through attention to detail and thorough knowledge of laws governing land use and zoning. We work with individuals, businesses, neighborhood associations, non-profits, and governments in both advisory capacities and litigation. Our attorneys are accustomed to handling matters as weighty as vested rights, constitutional matters, and validity of governing ordinances. We represent client interests before planning commissions, city councils, county commissions, adjustment boards, and historic preservation agencies, as well as in state and federal courts, and handle land use matters at the appellate level.

Many times, our attorneys can provide guidance to property owners on matters of rezoning, annexation, special use permitting, subdivision development, and site planning and variances. We work to enhance the efficiency of the process and help citizens and businesses avoid consequences that might lead to litigation. For local governments, we provide interpretation of ordinances as they relate to specific and broad matters, from ordinance revision and amendment to public records request management. We also serve as outside litigation counsel to counties, municipalities and their administrative agencies.

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