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Wouldn’t it be cheaper to use an online will-drafting service (ie. LegalZoom™)?

Online will-drafting and DIY legal services like LegalZoom™ have become quite popular. But, just like the cookie-cutter “default” of a state’s intestacy laws, the online services cannot ensure your loved ones are provided for after your death exactly the way you desire. Potentially worse than that, online DIY Wills are untested, are usually not state-specific, and may not provide clarity regarding asset distribution upon your death.

In addition to drafting your estate plan, our law firm provides estate administration services, also known as “probate.” As a standard, our attorneys prefer that you have no Will at all over one that has been poorly-drafted. Confusing Wills can breed contempt among loved ones. A sentence that is perfectly clear to you may not be clear to the court. For example, the sentence “I leave my house to my kids,” may generate many unanswered questions from the court, like:

  • Which house?
  • Which kids?
  • In equal parts?
  • What if one of the kids died first? Does that child’s surviving children inherit his interest or does the Will mean for the living first generation children to get the house?

All of these questions lead to uncertainty, which can cause in-fighting and strife among even the closest of families.

At Coward, Hicks & Siler, Wills are drafted based on well-established language that the Court knows exactly how to interpret. Lawyers experienced in estate planning matters can help you consider the unknown elements of your estate’s distribution upon your death. Through the drafting of a competent and complete will, our attorneys can ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death without uncertainty so frequently caused by DIY legal service providers.